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Panel on Cybersecurity: New FIDO standard for passwordless authentication
September 1, 2020

Fast Identity Online (FIDO) specifications support multifactor authentication (MFA) and public key cryptography. Unlike password databases, FIDO stores personally identifying information (PII), such as biometric authentication data, locally on the user's device to protect it.

The Future of Venture Capital
September 8, 2020

The uncertainty it caused, led to reduced spending in all aspects of our lives, including VC investing. There have been many gradual iterations and transformations of the VC model before the pandemic that have accelerated during this time.

Building Successful Partnerships with the "Good Guys" to Close the Gap on Gender Equality
June 24, 2020

Drawing upon the evidence-based backgrounds of two successful female leaders in tech and media, we will address the hard facts behind critical roadblocks that women typically face in Silicon Valley as well as Silicon Alley.

How To Manage Your Enemies
July 29, 2020

Your customers spend millions of dollars each year to provide employees useful tools for appropriate problem diagnosis. What about tools for diagnosing relationship problems at work?

The Money Hackers: Behind the Scenes of the Financial Technology Revolution
June 10, 2020

You probably don’t think twice about paying for Starbucks with ApplePay or depositing a check on your bank’s mobile app. But let us not forget the days, ten or 15 years ago, when cash was king and trips to the ATM were as frequent as ones to the grocery store.

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