Future of Recommendation Engines: Expert Fireside Chat with Michael Schrage

September 17, 2020

6:00 pm



7:00 pm


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Learn more about the future of recommendation engines from Michael Schrage, an innovation expert with MIT Sloan School, at this fireside chat.

Increasingly, our technologies are giving us better, faster, smarter, and more personal advice than our own families and best friends. Amazon already knows what kind of books and household goods you like and is more than eager to recommend more; YouTube and TikTok always have another video lined up to show you; Netflix has crunched the numbers of your viewing habits to suggest whole genres that you would enjoy. In this event, innovation expert Michael Schrage will discuss the origins, technologies, business applications, and increasing societal impact of recommendation engines, the systems that allow companies worldwide to know what products, services, and experiences “you might also like.”

Michael Schrage

Research Fellow, MIT Sloan School's Center for Digital Business

A research fellow with MIT Sloan School's Initiative on the Digital Economy, Michael Schrage’s research, writing and advisory work focuses on the ‘behavioral economics’ of models, prototypes and metrics as strategic resources for managing ‘innovation risk’ and opportunity. He is author of award-winning ’The Innovator’s Hypothesis’ [MIT Press 2014],  ‘Who Do You Want Your Customers To Become?’ [Harvard Business Review Press 2012] and  ‘Serious Play’ [Harvard Business Review Press 2000].  His next book, ‘Recommender Systems,’ will be published this year by MIT Press as part of its ‘Essential Knowledge’ series. He’s run design workshops and executive education programs on innovation, experimentation and ’strategic measument' for organizations all over the world.

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