Fractional Hiring, Efficient Growth

October 14, 2020

6:00 pm



7:00 pm


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How many engineering hours does it take to build a company with a $5M annual run rate, in the space of a year? Through the fractional hiring platform I’ve learned it can be as little as 11 hours per week. That’s about 25% of the cost of a traditional 40 hour/week full-time hire. With remote collaboration quickly becoming the new normal, the future of work is shifting again as companies choose to hire only for what they’ll actually need. The flexibility from scaling specialized skills as needed can lower burn rates and shift fixed costs to variable ones, but it requires new ways of management, collaboration, and budgeting -- and thinking through what roles make sense for fractional hiring and which do not. Vlad Lokshin, co-founder of Turtle, will discuss best practices for hiring fractionally to drive efficient growth for your startup.

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Vlad Lokshin is the co-founder and CEO of Turtle, a fractional hiring platform for startups. Vlad holds an MBA from Cornell Tech, where he was part of their first graduating class, and BS degrees in engineering and business from the University of Maryland. He and his wife Missy just moved back to New York, after spending a couple of years in San Francisco. They miss the California sunshine, but are so thankful for good bagels again!

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