Fireside Chat with Eren Bali, CEO and Co-Founder of Carbon Health

April 6, 2021

6:00 pm



7:00 pm


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In our founders series in April, we are interviewing Eren Bali, CEO and Co-Founder of Carbon Health and Chairman and Co-Founder of Udemy. In this fireside chat, we will be covering his journey as a serial entrepreneur and the work his current company, Carbon Health, is doing to improve the healthcare industry in the US.

Eren Bali, CEO and Co-Founder of Carbon Health

Eren Bali is the CEO and Co-Founder of Carbon Health. Eren leads the Carbon team towards his vision to democratize healthcare and make quality care accessible for everyone.

Previously, Eren paved the way to make education accessible by founding Udemy, the world's largest marketplace for online courses, with over 10 million students worldwide.

In his youth, Eren was a star mathematician, winning awards in mathematics, physics, computer science and chess including the International Mathematical Olympiads. He still loves chess today and plays to unwind after a long day at the office.

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