Digital Transformation Trends to Watch in 2021

February 25, 2021

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A recent McKinsey survey of C-level executives found that COVID-19 has been the single most significant accelerant in the path to digital transformation in their respective industries.  As the world is reeling from the staggering consequences of the pandemic, businesses both small and large are also struggling to understand how to remain competitive in a post-pandemic world.

Digital transformation has been, and will continue to be, a key ingredient in competitiveness.  In this talk, we will walk through persistent trends from the fields of machine learning (e.g. human-in-the-loop AI, distributed computing, no-code/low-code), and organizational dynamics (a la Team of Teams) that have been gaining traction over the past decade.  We will link these trends back to the fundamental economics of competitive strategy so you will be able to see how to stay ahead of the game for your organization.

Clarence Lee - Assistant Professor. S.C. Johnson College of Business, Cornell University

Professor Clarence Lee is an assistant professor of marketing and Breazzano Family Sesquicentennial Fellow at the Johnson Graduate School of Management of Cornell. Clarence's research applies deep learning and Bayesian econometric techniques to digital marketing and customer analytics applications across various industries.  

He has spent the past ten years studying the drivers behind consumer adoption, usage and purchase dynamics of digital goods and services, commonly found in the start-up ecosystems of NYC and Silicon Valley.  His most recent project focuses on employing novel artificial intelligence methods to enable customer analytics while preserving customer privacy.  He currently teaches Digital Marketing, Data Analytics & Modeling, and the Strategic Product & Marketing Immersion (SPMI) at both the Ithaca and Cornell Tech campuses.

Clarence received his doctorate from Harvard Business School and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT.  His research has received recognition, including the Wyss Award for Excellence in Doctoral Research at the Harvard Business School, and the Clayton Dissertation Proposal Award from the Marketing Science Institute.

Moderated by Shaw LI, On Deck Fellow and Product Leader

Shaw has 10+ years of product management experience earned working at pre-seed, venture funded, and Fortune 500 companies. He recently led product at Haven Life, an insurtech startup in NYC. When not learning to be a better baker during the pandemic, he writes The Elements of Product Management @, a weekly newsletter for product managers with templates and practical advice.

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