Make Massive Impact with One Skill: Communication & Presentation

April 28, 2020

6:00 pm



8:30 pm


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MITEFNYC Online Workshop Series

As entrepreneurs we have to frequently pitch, give presentations, sell, and communicate with investors, teams, partners, customers and vendors. It’s not always easy, and many times it’s stressful and overwhelming!

According to McKinsey & Co. presentation skills & interpersonal communication skills are critical for the success of any team and organization and are the backbone of excellence and productivity. Communication is a skill that needs to be developed but most of the time we are left on our own to sink or swim! The more strategic and effective we get at communication, the higher the probability of achieving the desired outcomes.

In this workshop you will learn the following to make a massive impact with online and in-person presentations and meetings:

  1. Pro tips to communicating your message effectively
  2. Critical but often ignored tips to influencing your audience
  3. Effective mindset shifts that immensely boost your confidence


ACE Group

Jyoti Singhvi has been speaking in public for 30+ years. She is the CEO of The Ace Groupe, an Ed-tech firm, which trains professionals and entrepreneurs in presentation and communication skills. She has interviewed & hosted many Executives, CEOs & Chairmen of Fortune 500 companies. Jyoti also founded a luxury goods company, which sells in Neiman Marcus. Jyoti has extensive corporate experience at Cartier, IBM, & KPMG Consulting. Jyoti has earned degrees from Harvard and MIT.  

As a child, Jyoti was very quiet and shy.  It was a nudge from her principal which made a huge difference in her life and got her on the trajectory to becoming a speaker. With her work, Jyoti wants to do the same for professionals i.e. help them find their voice so that they can share their work, knowledge, and expertise for a greater impact in their organizations and in their communities while getting the recognition and financial rewards they deserve.

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