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In light of recent COVID-19 guidelines, including Governor Andrew Cuomo's state of emergency declaration, all MIT Enterprise Forum NYC events throughout April, May, and June will be held in an online format. Please review event details for more information. We expect live events will resume, as usual, in September.
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The Money Hackers: Behind the Scenes of the Financial Technology Revolution
June 10, 2020

Virtual Fireside Chat with Daniel P. Simon, Followed by a Virtual Network Session

12:30pm  - 1:30pm:  Discussion, with advanced questions from the audience
1:30pm - 2:30 pm:    Network session with fellow attendees over Remo.

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Our Purpose

MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC is open to all and operated by volunteers. We support technology-related entrepreneurs in starting and growing innovative businesses. Our programming features events that deliver insights and opportunities to build relationships between entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate executives who may become customers, strategic partners, or acquirers.


Our Values

Effectiveness – achieving positive impact on targeted entrepreneurs

Innovation – focus on cutting edge business issues and trends

Integrity – maintaining the highest standards of objectivity, fairness, openness and honesty

Excellence – commitment to excellence in all aspects of our work

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Make Massive Impact with One Skill: Communication & Presentation
April 28, 2020
April 28, 2020

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